Jeff was  energetic, dynamic and wonderfully informative. – Stanley Goldstein

Jeffrey Thomson’s presentation on the Future of the Accountant in Business is very eye opening. Typical accounting work has been fairly straight-forward for a very long time, but with the efficiencies created through various technologies, the “typical” mindset of an accountant is at risk.  As an accountant, I have acknowledge that more than half of the accounting jobs can be eliminated through technological efficiencies. Therefore, it is exciting to hear Jeff talk about data analytics, “R”, and blockchain.  As Jeff mentioned, we need to embrace new ways on how to advise our clients and the possibilities are endless for our profession. – Jordan Frey

Mr. Thomson spoke about “The Future of the Accountant in Business” – As artificial intelligence, automation, and advancements in technology continue to impact tasks traditionally performed by accountants, many are wondering what’s ahead for the profession. Contrary to headlines, automation will not displace accountants but instead result in even greater stature and value.

In this session, Jeff shared a future-focused perspective on the role and skills required of accounting professional in the near future.

The presentation answered the following:

What are the risks and opportunities for accountants in business?
What technologies do accountants need to be aware of and master?
How does one enhance advisory and insight skills to be value-providing business partners?
What are the challenges keeping CFOs and finance executives up at night?