Gary Sheinbaum, CEO, Hilfiger Americas
“The Tommy Adaptive Story”
May 16, 2016

“Kudos to Tommy Hilfiger and Gary Sheinbaum, CEO, Tommy Hilfiger Americas who gave an inspiring and much needed Introduction to the companies foray into the fashion world the disabled. Not only will this venture benefit young hip fashionistas but the disabled of any age. The business plan is solid and the need is great.  I will take up with this call to action within the legal, elder law and disabled community.   Thank you to the ACA and Richard Daskin, RSD Advisors and his wife Patricia Daskin for organizing the event.” Mira Weiss, Weiss Law Group

“It was exhilarating to hear Gary Sheinbaum, CEO of Tommy Hilfiger speak about the vision of Tommy Adaptive.  The physically challenged have long been a neglected group in our inclusive society.  For the Tommy Hilfiger brand with it’s cool celebrity vibe to get behind creating not just clothing for the physically challenged but with the planning and vision to recognize them with a special clothing line that truly speaks of sensitivity as well as cool fashion will have far reaching impact in how our society views physical disabilities. Debbie Farkash, Living Well Inside and Outside

“WOW! What a presentation from Gary. What was moving about TH was that they did something when they discovered people with disability were
unable to wear ‘normal’ clothes.” Christopher Arunkumar, CPA , Ziklag Global

“Through Sheinbaum’s bold and visionary leadership, Hilfiger Global has dramatically transformed its ethos of “Youthful Spirit” into the era of “Relentless Optimism”, a giant branding leap that embraces diversity in all its forms, including the disabled of all ages. It has proven that inclusion is not only profitable, it is essential to our social well-being. It is single handedly setting a new gold standard for major corporations to advance social welfare around the world.” Kelly Welles, Welles Financial Services