benefits of membership in ACA

When you are approved for membership in the Accountants Club of America, you gain access to an outstanding group of accounting and allied professionals, and to programs that can help you on both a personal and professional level, including:


Business Networking

Meet qualified professionals in accounting and related fields who can help build your business, provide referrals, or create rewarding peer-to-peer relationships.

Interact with peers and senior level professionals in a relaxed social setting.
Meet like-minded individuals who share your expertise or offer complementary business skills.
Develop connections for meaningful activities such as business groups, charitable events, or local community endeavors.


We host a variety of speakers and roundtable discussions where members can ask questions, meet industry leaders, or engage in spirited discussions at our catered breakfasts, lunches, and after-work events.

Hear interesting guest speakers in and outside of the accounting profession (corporate executives, journalists, public officials, rainmakers).

Engage in lively roundtable talks with board members and industry experts.(The intimate group size promotes dialogue and relationship-building.)

Learn about topics relevant to mid-level professionals (how to prepare for a leadership role, the details of managing an accounting firm, maintaining a work/life balance, etc.).

Attend breakfast, lunch, or after-work events at noted metro NYC venues. (Choice of options accommodates busy schedules.)


Membership applicants must be known by at least two members of the ACA Board of Governors and/or Advisory Board.