Rory Gildea

CPA and Partner, Gildea Ivanis LLP


Rory Gildea is a CPA and one of the partners at Gildea & Ivanis LLP, a boutique firm in Manhattan. He works primarily with small businesses and entrepreneurs, although he is always up for new challenges. Rory spends a fair amount of his time working on tax engagements for his clients. When tax is not the pressing issue, Rory advises companies on general finance policy, procedure, and strategic planning. Gildea has focused on the growing tech sector in New York, although he has clients in virtually all industries. Rory has advised countless startups to help guide them through maturity. He has acted as CFO, controller, advisor, tax expert, and strategist for his clients over the years. His experience with budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting, and raising capital add significant value to the companies he works with. Gildea received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Marist College. In 2018, Rory joined the Accountants Club of America as a way to network with other colleagues and learn from other CPA’s experiences in the industry. From the very first event he attended, he gained valuable knowledge for industry veterans and also made some new contacts in related industries. The ACA’s event content has been a great resource for someone in a smaller firm to see how other CPA’s handle similar situations. It helped change the perception from other CPA’s being viewed as competitors to viewing them as colleagues.