Edward Mendlowitz – Accounting Today: Art of Accounting: Retaining Staff – Follow Up Ideas

I have always loved accounting and tax season, but I have worked with many people who did not. They resented many of the working conditions and had a closed-in feeling that heightened their dislike of my great profession. I resolved that when I had my own practice I would not create that type of atmosphere. Here are some of the things I did to lighten the “burden.” To read the entire article – Art of Accounting: Retaining Staff – Follow Up Ideas


Barry Melancon – Accounting Today: AICPA Takes on IRS and Expands Internationally

American Institute of CPAs president and CEO Barry Melancon said the AICPA is pushing the Internal Revenue Service to improve its services for both taxpayers and CPAs while preparing to become a more international organization. During a wide-ranging speech Tuesday in New York at a meeting of the Accountants Club of America, Melancon gave an update on the AICPA and the future of the profession. “Basically the service levels in the Internal Revenue Service to preparers and taxpayers are at an all-time low,” he said. “To use a South Louisiana French term, it sucks. We do not have a 21st century IRS, and we are not likely to get one…


Edward Mendlowitz, CPA and Partner at WithumSmith+Brown – Succession and Retirement Planning for CPA Firms

On October 23rd Ed spoke at the Nassau Chapter Practice Continuity and Succession on Succession and Retirement Planning for CPA Firms. Ed worked in a small firm environment before joining WSB and developed several very successful firms. He has authored sixteen books and edited four others, and has written hundreds of articles for business and professional journals and newsletters. You’ve probably seen his blog on the NYSSCPA Exchange or elsewhere. He has spoken on practice management for the AICPA and the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut State Societies of CPAs, as well as many other professional accounting groups. You can learn more about Ed or the firm at www.withum.com.


Joanne Barry: Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting

Joanne Barry has been featured on Accounting Today’s “Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting” for the past three years. September 2014 “While the New York society may have recently relocated to a location near its century-old original headquarters, Barry is much more focused on the future, positioning her society as forward-thinking on issues ranging from how virtual currencies fit into the financial system to how the profession grooms its next generation of leaders.” September 2013 “Besides streamlining the Society’s operations, boosting its membership and moving it to a new headquarters, Barry has also focused it squarely on the future with initiatives and new staff positions aimed at the next…