Accounting Profession Leader Stuart Kessler Has Died

Stuart Kessler, CPA, PFS, a former president of the New York State Society of CPAs and the Accountants Club of America, chairman of the American Institute of CPAs, founding partner of Goldstein Golub Kessler and senior tax director at CohnReznick, has died. Stuart Kessler Kessler was frequently named among Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People in the profession. He was known as one of the top personal financial planning professionals in the U.S. and was the first living member of the New York State Society of CPAs’ Hall of Fame. In addition to being a past NYSSCPA president, he also presided over the NYSSCPA’s Foundation for Accounting Education Committee, and…


Stuart Kessler Receives American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’s PFP Lifetime Achievement Award

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, June 11 — The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants issued the following news release: Stuart Kessler, CPA/PFS, has received the American Institute of CPA’s(AICPA) Stanley H. Breitbard Lifetime Achievement in Personal Financial Planning Award. This is only the third lifetime achievement award in personal financial planning ever given by the AICPA. The presentation took place at the AICPA’s Advanced Personal Financial Planning (PFP) Conference in Las Vegas. Kessler, a Senior Tax Director specializing in estate and financial planning at CohnReznick in New York, NY is being honored for the key role he played in launching the AICPA’s Personal Financial Planning Division over 30 years ago as well as his continued contributions advancing the profession today. He led the…


Art of Accounting: Tax Season Crunch Time Suggestions To Keep Staff Motivated | Accounting Today

By Edward Mendlowitz Published March 25 2019, 2:02pm EDT We are down to the last three weeks of tax season. Think about how many clients you will be helping, how much your younger staff will be learning, how many clients you will be speaking to, and how much money you will make. How much better can it get? Part of managing a business is to leverage all of your resources, and I think we can agree that your most important resource is your staff. That being so, motivated and excited people are more effective than those who are not, so might I ask what you are doing to inspire them…


The Way We Were | CPA Journal – Vincent J. Love

The following article was authored by Vince J. Love Concerning changes in the strict compliance with the Code of Professional Conduct in the Profession over the years. Published in the February 2019 issue of the CPA Journal. The Way We Were By Vincent J. Love The Lawyer’s duty is first of all to his client, and that duty frequently compels him to avail himself of technicalities and other means of enabling that client to evade the Law and its penalties; but the Public Accountant has only one duty to his client and the Public, and that is to disclose to him or for him ‘the truth, the whole truth, and nothing…


A Short Conversation with J. Michael Kirkland, CPA, CGMA, Accountants Club of America President for 2018 – 2019

A Short Conversation with J. Michael Kirkland, CPA, CGMA, Accountants Club of America President for 2018 – 2019 What is your vision for ACA in the coming year? I hope to grow this organization.  As someone in the press said a few years ago, ACA is one of New York’s best kept secrets.  I want to keep the “best” part and eliminate the “secret.” How is ACA different from other professional organizations? We are certainly not trying to emulate NYSSCPA or AICPA.   Our role is different.  We are here to create personal contact, which breeds mutual and trust among individuals who can then be resources to each other. ACA provides…


Accounting Authors See Profession Getting Social In 2019 | Accounting Today

By Michael Cohn Published December 06 2018, 2:59pm EST Panelists at a discussion hosted by the Accountants Club of America on Thursday in New York see social media, texting and cybersecurity among the major trends for the coming year. Edward Mendlowitz, a partner at WithumSmith+Brown had a collection of his weekly Accounting Today columns, “Call Me Before You Do Anything: The Art of Accounting,” published by CPA Trendlines this year. He discussed how more accountants are using social media to get new clients. “When I started out, I thought the way to build business was you had to go to networking breakfasts, lunches and dinners,” he said. “I had a Partners…


Art of Accounting: Authors Panel | Accounting Today

By Edward Mendlowitz Published December 10 2018, 2:23pm EST Last Thursday, I was on an authors panel hosted by the Accountants Club of America. Along with me was Becky Livingston, author of The Accountant’s Social Media Handbook, and Hitendra Patil, author of Accountaneur: The Entrepreneurial Accountant. The moderator was Accounting Today editor Michael Cohn, who wrote a pretty complete article later that day. An accompanying photo of me taking notes caught my eye and I want to comment on that here. Rick Telberg of CPA Trendlines suggested Becky and Hitendra for the panel. While I’ve spoken extensively with Hitendra on the phone, we had never met, and I never spoke to or met Becky beforehand….


Should CPAs Be The Conscience Of The Economy? | Accounting Today

By Danielle Lee Published October 25 2018, 4:40pm EDT The greater demand on corporations as they grow in size and influence, along with consumer and investor expectations, are creating the ideal environment for CPAs to serve as the business world’s conscience, said Jan Herringer, president of the New York State Society of CPAs. Speaking at a meeting of the Accountants Club of America Thursday at the Princeton Club in New York City Herringer, who also serves as a partner at BDO USA, argued that while the role of morality guide for accountants “might seem dubious at first, when you think about it, it was what the profession was built on ……


ACA Members – The Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting | Accounting Today

Joanne Barry Executive director and CEO, NYSSCPA As head of one of the largest and most influential state societies, Barry is a major voice for strong professional education, vigilance in maintaining accounting’s integrity in its public service role, and more inclusion for women and minorities. Career Highlights: Executive director and CEO, New York State Society of CPAs, 2010-present; executive director, Foundation for Accounting Education, 2010-present; executive director, Moynihan Scholarship Fund, 2017; publisher, “The CPA Journal;” deputy executive director, 2008-2009; managing director of communications, 2006-2008; director, Communications Division, 1986-1989; assistant director of PR, 1981-1986. … Assistant director of public information and publications editor, Hackensack Medical Center, 1980-1981 … PR, New York…


It bears repeating: Now is a great time to be an accountant | Accounting Today

By Daniel Hood Published August 31 2018, 10:26am EDT Amid all the worries about staffing shortages and succession issues; amid the din of doomsayers prophesying disintermediation by blockchain, artificial intelligence or worse; amid the clamor of ever-more demanding staff and clients; amid the tightening competition from within the profession and without; amid the endless pressure to keep up with changes that keep coming faster and faster and never seem to let up — in the midst of all that, it’s good, from time to time, to reflect on all that’s going well for the profession. Since we here at Accounting Today do our share of sharing the scary news, it’s only appropriate…