Joanne S. Barry: The Year Ahead Some of the Profession’s Sharpest Experts Look at 2017

The Year Ahead Some of the profession’s sharpest experts look at 2017 November 30, 2016 New year, new president, new changes, new challenges and new opportunities: 2017 promises to be an interesting 12 months. To help you start getting a handle on what it might mean for your practice, your firm and the accounting profession as a whole, we’ve turned to two different groups: a panel of experts in the field, and a large group of accountants themselves. You can see some of the results of our survey of more than 800 accountants, CPAs and tax pros to see what they expect the next year to look like (see the…


Edward Mendlowitz – Art of Accounting: The Future of the Small Firm

SEPTEMBER 12, 2016 BY EDWARD MENDLOWITZ By my reckoning there are about 42,000 accounting firms in the United States, and 41,600 might be considered to be small.The No. 1 firm has revenues of about $16 billion with about 65,000 people. Number 100 has revenues of $35 million with about 175 people. Number 300 has about $8 million in revenues and No. 400 has about 20 people and $3 million in revenues. That means the revenues of any of the next 41,600 firms are less than $3 million, and they have fewer than 20 people, including partners or owners. By any standard that is a small business. Most of the small…


Sal Collemi – The Decline in Global Audit Quality, Accounting Today

A consultant offers ugly truths and realistic remedies AUGUST 31, 2016 BY SALVATORE A. COLLEMI Ask any practicing CPA who cares about the profession, and they’ll tell you about the need for continuous improvements when it comes to a public accounting firm’s system of quality control policies and procedures.This need is at the very heart of the dynamic world of auditing, where subjectivity and the professional judgment of the auditor meet. There are some who understand what needs to be done at the grassroots level and are taking proactive steps. However, even while the American Institute of CPAs recently released details on the next version of the CPA Exam, including…


Accounting Today: Edward Mendlowitz – Art of Accounting: Why MAP Programs Are Essential

AUGUST 22, 2016 BY EDWARD MENDLOWITZ I attend Management of Accounting Practice (MAP) CPE programs. In many instances these do not qualify toward the mandatory CPE requirements. Who cares?I go because I want to make more money, work more effectively, service clients better, excite and retain staff, and have more fun doing what I love to do and have to do anyway. I speak to hundreds of accountants a year who call me primarily with practice management problems, and I am pleased to assist them. However, when I ask them if they have taken at least one MAP program in the last five years, they reply that they don’t because…


Stanley Goldstein – Chairman/Founder of SILC will be Chairing SILC Summit

The SILC Summit is specifically designed for Accountants, Attorneys, Sustainability and Investment professionals but is open to and applicable to virtually anyone in the industry who has an interest in bolstering the drivers that find, recruit and retain the best employees, that create best practices and that measure company risk and opportunities in a way that creates sustainable businesses. We look at and analyze data, perspectives, insights and intelligence to determine the best course for companies to participate in the economic opportunity that stands to be created in a historic shift around measuring sustainability and the creation of new channels of prosperity. To read more about Mr. Goldstein and the…


Salvatore A. Collemi – Big 4 Firms Network: Making The Best Of The Times

Charles Dickens once famously wrote: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” as part of the opening to his famous novel, A Tale of Two Cities. That quote applies today when you consider how the shockwaves from The Great Recession have buffeted the financial landscape for almost a decade at a time when modern innovative thinking flourishes and blooms from the cracked economic base. Entrepreneurs like Salvatore A Collemi, CPA, understand how those pieces fit together. To read the entire article: Making The Best Of The Times