News from IMA Global & Community Relations Team Week ending 10/6


IMA CEO Jeff Thomson favors accountants over robots
President and CEO Jeff Thomson unveiled a new campaign to emphasize the value of management accountants as more jobs fall prey to robots and automation. During a speech Monday at a meeting of the Accountants Club of America in New York, Jeff discussed how accountants can deal with the threat of automation by learning new skills and technologies to stay on top of the latest trends. He also showed a new advertising campaign for the IMA’s Certified Management Accountant credential. The commercial can be viewed on YouTube. To access the press release, please click on the link. Attached please find the presentation we shared with suggestions of how you can become involved as an IMA and CMA advocate. You can also find this document in the Library along with our Social Media Guide and Tag information located in the Social Media folder. Thanks in advance for spreading the word about the CMA certification, sharing your CMA story, and inspiring our future CMAs!

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