Accountants Club of America (ACA) Membership Dues & Renewals and Program Fees Online Payment Instructions when paying with a Credit Card.

  1. Choose Your Credit Card 
  2. Enter Your Name as It Appears on Your Credit Card
  3. Enter Your Credit Card Number and
  4. a)   3-digit Security Code as it appears on the back of your MasterCard/Visa/Discover Credit Card or
  5. b)  4-digit Security Code as it appears on the top right corner on the front your AMEX Credit Card
  6. Enter the Billing Address for Your Credit Card. This must match the mailing address on your month end credit card statement, which may be different than your office mailing address. If you use a mailing address that does not correlate to what the bank has, this will cause your payment to fail. This is a security feature to protect ACA.
  7. How to Resolve Payment Issues:
  8. If your credit card is declined, verify that you’ve entered each piece of information accurately: your name, your credit card statement mailing address, and all other details asked on the online form. Even something as minor as transposed numbers can cause an error with the transaction.
  9. While unlikely, you may have to use another credit card if card continues to be declined even after you’ve verified all the information is correct.
  10. If you continue to have issues and/or have questions please email Carrie Feinstein at Please include a description (if possible, a screen shot) of your issues.
  11. Your transaction is complete and communicated to ACA when you receive a screen containing a paid receipt (example below) immediately after your transaction (you can print it by clicking the printer icon at the top) and/or an email from


If you prefer to pay by check please mail it to:

Accountants Club of America, P.O. Box 3236, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163